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Initiated and supported by Art & Heritage Foundation (AHF), a non profit body and partnered by CIMA(Centre of International Modern Art), CIMA AWARDS-the Kolkata Art Festival has been designed as a biennial event in search of country wide talent in visual arts. The project was introduced for the first time in 2015.

The second edition of the project CIMA AWARDS – Kolkata Art Festival 2017 is designed to discover genuine talent in India, especially beyond the cities. It seeks to bridge the gap between urban and semi urban regions of India, promoting the varied richness of Indian arts as a whole. This project has been expanded to include other allied creative disciplines and activities viz. design, architecture, cinema, performance art, symposia, talks, conversations and workshops through various collateral projects in collaboration with leading universities, agencies and institutions from across the world, providing a holistic experience and overview of the arts.

The project is fast emerging as a major platform in India for artists, art cognoscenti, scholars and meeting of creative minds from across the world.


  • To recognize young talent and reward excellence in visual arts.
  • Recognize and award scholarship in art and cultural studies and institution building.
  • Enhance multidisciplinary interaction.
  • Promote meeting and interaction of creative minds from across the world.
  • Provide a holistic overview of the arts.

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project director

Rakhi Sarkar

chief co-ordinator

Pratiti Basu Sarkar

committee 1

advisory committee member

Jogen Chowdhury


Suman Mukherjee

Director, Film & Theatre

Aveek Sen


Mainak Bhowmik

Film Maker

Pankaj Panwar

Sculptor, head Sculpture Dept, Kalabhavan, Viswa Bharati Univ.

Dr. Shreyasi Chatterjee

Artist & Dean, visual arts Rabindra Bharati University

Partha Pratim Deb

Artist, Former principle visual art, RBU

Swapan Chakraborty

Professor in Humanities, Presidency University, Kolkata & Former Director General of National Library, Kolkata.

Subrata Mukherjee

Consultant, corporate affairs, PepsiCo India

director of symposium

director of symposium

Dr.Alka Pande

Dr. Alka Pande is a prolific writer on Indian Erotic Literature, Indology, Indian Aesthetics and is the author of several well-acclaimed books, some of which have been translated into foreign languages. Recipient of the Charles Wallace Award in 1999-2000, Dr. Pande completed her post-doctoral studies in critical art theory from Goldsmith College, University of London. She is currently a Consultant Arts Advisor and Curator of the Visual Arts Gallery at the India Habitat Centre in New Delhi.